Christian de Ruty

Managing Partner of the Group, based in Hanoi.

Since 1996, Christian has led a unique career in investment and Corporate Strategy in Australia, France and Vietnam. He runs the business development of the Group and supervises entities’ operations. Christian was Vice-Chairman of the European Chamber of Commerce (Eurocham) from 2001 to 2005.

Nguyen Thi Nhung

Partner since 1999, based in Hanoi.

Nhung joined Openasia in 1994. Her unique experience of investment, transactions and business development is one of Openasia’s greatest assets. Nhung has been a Board Member of the Hanoi French Hospital and Lafarge Vietnam. She holds an MBA from the ESCP (Paris) and the CFVG (Hanoi).

Doan Viet Dai Tu

Partner of the Group, based in HCMC.

Dai Tu has acquired a solid experience in investment and as a business consultant in Australia, France and Vietnam since 1986. Vice-Chairman of the French Chamber of Commerce in Vietnam from 1999 to 2005, Dai Tu is also Chairman of Lafarge Vietnam BoM and Board Member of Gras Savoye Willis. He leads the Group’s Corporate Investment and supervises the business of management consulting.