HANOIA was first established in 1997 in Binh Duong province, near Saigon, in the historical lacquer village since the 14th century. With a team of French designers coming from different backgrounds, education and journeys of life, Hanoia's designs form a harmonious blend between West and East, modern and tradition. Mostly origin from 2 most well-known lacquerware villages of Vietnam, such words like loyalty, passion and devotion-to-perfection are among best representation of Hanoia's craftsmen. Their exceptional skillset remains as an ideal groundwork for later technical and aesthetic innovations – what puts Hanoia at the forefront of lacquer excellence in the world.

Thien Hong, a workshop located in the Southern part of Vietnam and originally known for its specialization in luxury horn and lacquer handicraft, was acquired by Openasia in 2010.
Fully compliant with international standards, Thien Hong was an initial cornerstone of our global strategy to preserve and develop Vietnamese arts and crafts. Employing 134 craft persons, Thien Hong was developed in the 1990’s by Rose Morant, an ethnologist with a degree in fine arts, whose aim was to bring the Vietnamese lacquer crafts to the highest level of excellence.
With patience, persistence and outstanding team of crafts persons dedicated to perfection, the company always aims for the highest possible standard, while still keeping the craft alive and sustainable. In addition to a full collection of lacquered and horn-made jewelry, the company also produces decorative items, jewelry cases...