For Openasia, economical growth is closely linked with our environmental performance and social responsibility form the basis of the long-term success of our business. We have placed Sustainable Development at the heart of our business strategy because we believe it will contribute to adding value and ensuring continued success.

Social responsibility:
Corporate Social Responsibility has been embedded into the Openasia’s business approach. To be the best in our field of entrepreneurial investment, we make our best efforts to include our social responsibility towards the business in terms of sustainable development. We believe that, in the world of fast modernisation and uniformisation, it is essential to keep our roots through which national pride and identity can be strengthened. Taking advantage of our experience gained the management of Thien Hong, we began looking at sponsoring community art programs with the aim to preserve and promote social responsibilities. We are in the process of financing a project that will give the opportunity for endangered crafts to be exhibited in major touristic avenues, hence giving an opportunity to develop their commercial exposure.

Environment Protection:
Most recently, Openasia staff members have shown enthusiasm in participating in an environment protection policy by saving electricity, using two-sided recycled paper and building up our workplace as a green office.
As supporting environment protection, our business development strategy always focus on the orientation of healthy and well-being living. We have invested to the extension of an environmental resort with the scales of organic farm planted around the hot springs. We also reduce using plastic bottle in beverage production which is replaced by the environment friendly glass bottles to be returned for recycle.

HR development:
At Openasia, people make the difference! We aim to grow the Group by creating an attractive environment for talented people to work as one team as the best in their field. For many years, our efforts have concentrated on human resources development by providing the best work environment, equal benefits and training opportunities for all employees. We provide annual health checks, special heath care packages and sports services for most of our employees who have and successful contribution to the group’s development. Our everyday goal is to create a family called Openasia with a rooted culture to enhance individual values toward our business vision and ambition