Corporate Social Responsibility

For Openasia, Social responsibility is one of main themes underlying our mission and business philosophy. By placing Sustainable Development at the heart of any of our businesses, it’s our increased commitment for more added-value and endorsement of sharing growth.

Social responsibility:
Corporate Social Responsibility has been embedded into our business approach. In Openasia, we believe that social responsibility isn’t merely a short-term campaign but a series of daily and seamless efforts. It’s the reason why we started soon sponsoring community art programs with aim of promoting social responsibilities by underlining the importance of art and creative activities to the well-being of individuals and communities.

Environment Protection:
As supporting the environment protection, our development strategy focus on building healthy, eco-friendly work and living spaces. Our commitment is illustrated by some examples such as the extension of an natural hot spring resort surrounded by organic farm, the reduction of plastic bottle in beverage production by eco-friendly glass bottles, or some simple daily acts at office like: saving electricity, using two-sided recycled paper and building up green, eco-friendly workplace.HR development:At Openasia, people are our great assets! By creating attractive environment, providing equal benefits and training opportunities for all employees, our ambition is to make Openasia as one of the best work environment in Vietnam.

Our everyday goal is making an “Openasia family” which enhances individual values toward one common business vision.