Hanoia & Press Club praised by Les Echos

Hanoia & Press Club have been praised in a recent news article titled "Vietnam, the awakening of the luxury" by Les Echos, a prestigious economic daily in France.

Writing about the increasing trend of luxury consuming in Vietnam, the daily referred to Hanoia as the first purely Vietnamese high-end lacquer brand, reviving the traditional craftsmanship in combination with creation, luxury and excellence. The newspaper also said: “The Mayor of Hanoi and French Ambassador in Vietnam have chosen Hanoia lacqueware as their official gifts”.

Referring to Press Club, Les Echos wrote: “Locating near to the historic Metropole Hotel, housing panoramic La Plume Bar & Lounge and La Table du Chef with famous Chef Alain Dutournier, Press Club is known as a “meeting place of the intellectual elites in Hanoi".

Link to full article (in French) at https://goo.gl/jQhZo3