Driven by a vision of delivering unique services to a quality foreign and local clientele, Openasia Hospitality develops and manages properties with a distinctive concept of wellness or entertainment which are inspired from abroad successes.
The most prominent property, the Press-Club, is fast becoming the "must-go" place on the Hanoi entertainment scene with its exclusive French Michelin-Star menu and its spectacular cocktail lounge. Another well known property is the Emeraude 37-cabin boat, a luxury cruiser taking its passengers through the amazing scenery of the world-heritage Halong Bay. On the wellness side, Alba Hotel Group offers a unique a mineral water spa hotel in Huê city as well as a 50-hectare resort offering Japanese inspired hotspring balneotherapy among the Truong Son mountains near Huê, the very place where the famous Alba mineral water is bottled before being delivered to most quality hotels and restaurants around Vietnam.