Ever since its first collection in 2015, Hanoia products immediately caught the attention of the community as well as the Hanoi authorities who selected the brand in their official list of presents to their visitors. Even Francois Hollande was offered a Hanoia vase as gift by Nguyeễn Xuân Phúc, Vietnamese Prime Minister. It was only time for Hanoia to open its flagship store in November in the old district of Hanoi, on 38 Hang Dao Street, the former Silk Street. Located in a heritage house, still harboring a famous temple, Hanoia House displays more than 200 designs of jewellery and home decoration objects. More than 400 guests were invited to see the beautiful collections, ranging from reminiscences of the past to modern designs. The hanoia House displays also a unique collection of lacquer silk, a material only manufactured by one family in the Mekong Delta. The peak of the party was reached when the famous designer Nguyen Cong Tri started his fashion parade with 40 models of lacquer silk.

October 2018: Hanoia opens its first boutique in Ho Chi Minh city

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