October 2018: Hanoia opens its first boutique in Ho Chi Minh city

Many Hanoia exquisite lacquerwares are presented here, including the collections of luxury and elegant home decors or fine jewelry and fashionable Lacquer silk, which combine both contemporary inspirations and Vietnamese traditional craftsmanship.

During the launching time, Hanoia boutique offers special gifts for the early buyers.

Hanoia is the first haute-lacquer house in Vietnam, and its products are recognized by many luxury fashion boutiques in the world. Established in 1997 in an old lacquer village in Binh Duong province, Hanoia remains the most miraculous marriage between Vietnamese lacquer and contemporary design. A group of European designers felt “in love” with colours, effects, matters and patterns which are reminiscences of past emotions. They decided to work with the most qualified craftsmen from the Vietnamese lacquer capital to revive a Vietnamese craft which risks being lost in oblivion. It is not just about using ancestral techniques, it is about crafting a unique experience in a process where quality is an obsession, where every detail counts, and ultimately where emotion is a constant’s quest.

Hanoia owns two workshops in the North and the South of Vietnam with 300 artisans from traditional lacquer village and talented designers from Europe. Pursuing the development philosophy based on the unlimited innovation of materials and effects, of colours and shapes, Hanoia continuously launches new and unique product lines.

Hanoia has quickly gained the affections from artists, the lacquer and fine arts enthusiasts, foreigners living in Hanoi and visitors from all over the world.

Add: Hanoia Dong Du – 15 Dong Du, Dist., 1, HCMC

Tel: +84 28 3823 3648

Website: www.hanoia.com



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