Alba Natural Mineral Water partners with Poseidon Supply

Alba, a Natural Mineral Water company under the Openasia Group, has recently signed a successful partnership agreement with Poseidon Supply to distribute Alba Mineral Water products to serve tourists on ocean-going vessels.

Recently, Alba Natural Mineral Water has officially become a partner of Poseidon Supply, a leading provider of cargo and passenger services at sea. This collaboration offers an exciting opportunity for Alba mineral water products to reach closer to travelers who are exploring the world through cruises.

On the afternoon of December 28, 2023, Alba’s first purchase order was successfully delivered aboard the VASCO DA GAMA cruise ship while it was docked at Saigon port, preparing for its journey to Ha Long and Hong Kong. The collaboration with Poseidon Supply marks an important milestone in the development and market expansion of Alba, further solidifying its position as a reputable and high-quality natural mineral water producer and distributor in Vietnam.

Thanks to its balanced and stable mineral content, Alba Natural Mineral Water is a safe and nourishing product, making it ideal for travelers to use throughout their cruises. With the success of the first order on the VASCO DA GAMA cruise ship, Alba Natural Mineral Water is committed to continuously striving to bring health and joy to customers during their journey of exploration around the world.

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