Celebrating the Year of Dragon with Openasia

Welcoming the Year of the Dragon, Openasia organizes special Lunar New Year activities across all three regions of the country, offering profound and meaningful spiritual experiences for all members.

To kick off the Lunar New Year festivities, three Partners represented the group in presenting lucky money to all members with the “Dragon Blessing Prosperity” red envelopes. This is one of the distinctive cultural features of Vietnam that the Openasia family cherishes and upholds. The vibrant red color of the envelopes, combined with the imagery of a golden dragon amidst clouds, not only pays homage to tradition but also conveys wishes for prosperity and auspiciousness in the new year.

Openasia team shares joy and excitement on the first day of the new year at the Hanoi headquarters.
The calligraphy activity captivates the attention and participation of numerous colleagues. Each stroke meticulously penned by the calligrapher onto red paper – a symbol of luck and auspiciousness in traditional culture – conveys countless wishes and hopes for a plain sailing 2024.

In addition, Openasia also pays homage to its roots with a traditional temple-visiting ceremony at the beginning of the year. Under the guidance of Venerable Thich Vien Dinh, colleagues from the Hanoi office visited three ancient temples in Soc Son, experiencing serenity and tranquility through activities such as chanting for blessings, listening to teachings, enjoying vegetarian cuisine, and participating in traditional rituals within the premises of Non Nuoc Pagoda, the historical site of Den Giong, and Phu Coc Pagoda.

In Ho Chi Minh City, team members visited the renowned Buu Long Pagoda, while colleagues at Alba Resort (Hue) participated in a prayer ceremony at the Binh An House within the resort premises.
Hanoia, a member of Openasia, opted for a spring pilgrimage to Tam Chuc Pagoda – a spiritual and historically significant tourist destination that plays a crucial role in the cultural and spiritual life of the Vietnamese people.
This year, Valentine’s Day coincides with the Lunar New Year holiday. In addition to red envelopes, Alba Hotels sent chocolates to customers and employees as a gesture of gratitude and congratulations for the new year.

The Lunar New Year celebrations at Openasia embody a perfect blend of tradition and innovation, with the hope of bringing a year full of joy, luck, and success to all members within the conglomerate as well as to customers and partners.

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