Alba Thanh Tan, The 25-year Journey

Alba Thanh Tan marks its 25-year journey of establishment and development through numerous meaningful and exciting activities, inspired by the 5 core values of Openasia.

The members of Alba Hotels have celebrated the 25th anniversary of Thanh Tan Hue Joint Stock Company in a very unique and special way. Instead of a typical anniversary party, teams came up with ideas for health and community care activities in line with Openasia’s sustainable development pursuit. Specifically, they have successfully carried out 3 beneficial and interesting activities: cycling around the city of Hue, cleaning up the garbage on Thuan An Beach, and visiting and assisting families in difficult circumstances.

Let's take a look at some notable activities together!

To celebrate Alba Thanh Tan’s 25th anniversary, the Bellman team of Alba Spa Hotel embarked on their first long-distance cycling trip of the year, lasting 12 hours from 6:00 AM to 6:00 PM, circling around the city of Hue.

This beneficial and exciting journey not only contributes to enhancing the health and endurance of the team members but also holds value in sharing and fostering a sense of teamwork.

Not inferior to the Bellman team, in the yellow uniform, the Hotels’ Kitchen team also chose for themselves a green lifestyle when participating in environmental protection activities at Thuan An beach.

A small action with great significance. The team members not only contribute to cleaning up a small area of their homeland’s beach but also conveys a message about living responsibly for themselves and the community.

The young members of the F&B department, who have dedicated their hearts and passion to bringing warmth to the families facing hardships in the local community also cannot be overlooked.

The gift may not be grand, but it brings a lot of joy. The act of visiting and encouraging elderly individuals living alone by the young members continues the tradition of fostering love and helping the community that Alba Thanh Tan has nurtured throughout its journey of establishment and development.


The ladies from the Accounting, Sales, and HR departments of Alba Spa Hotel have shown great love and care for the orphan children at Duc Son Shelter. They have dedicated their time and affection to these little ones.

It was not just about providing warm meals or essential gifts, but the genuine care and attentive support from them have brought joyful laughter to the children.

For the team at Alba Wellness Valley Resort, living sustainably has long been a guiding principle in their daily activities. In celebration of Alba Thanh Tan’s 25th anniversary, they organized a joyful and memorable Green Day event together.

Multiple green trees continue to be planted along the pathways within the resort, adding a refreshing touch of greenery to Alba Wellness Valley Resort. Hopefully, in the future ahead, whenever looking at the tall, shady trees, the team members will always remember the meaningful tree-planting day of their hard work.


Office cleaning, repainting windows, dusting, and planting flowers around the working area are among the other activities that the team members of Alba Wellness Valley Resort actively and enthusiastically participated in during the Green Day.


Planting trees to create forests, caring for nature, and showing love for the Earth are also the themes chosen by the team at Alba Factory to commemorate the 25-year journey of Alba Thanh Tan’s development. On nearly 1 hectare of land, the thriving shoots of the bamboo trees have begun to emerge, promising a vibrant and healthy bamboo forest.

An image of the lotus pond after one month of restoration, with the purpose of cleaning the water before it is discharged into the environment, while also creating a scenic landscape and benefiting the Factory’s Labor Union.

After two months of soil cultivation, seed sowing, and nurturing, the barren land has transformed into a Hibiscus garden. It not only enhances the landscape but also provides additional raw materials, contributing to the production of clean products and boosting Alba Factory’s revenue in 2023.

In addition to individual activities by each unit, Alba Group has also launched a sports movement to celebrate the 25th anniversary. The group will sponsor the expenses for all employees participating in the Hue Marathon Heritage Journey 2023, which will take place on June 25, 2023, in the former capital city. Let’s eagerly await the beautiful images and remarkable achievements of the Alba Group members in this marathon.



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