In early May 2024, under the skillful guidance of Openasia’s Board of Directors, Tam Son people embarked on a journey together to explore and understand the essence of their brand.

Amidst the lush greenery and sun-drenched surroundings of Flamingo Đại Lải Resort, nearly 100 key figures—including leaders, guest speakers, and managers from various Tam Sơn departments—engaged in distinctive exchange activities and discussions. Through this immersive experience, they unraveled the essence of “Discover Inspiration” and delved into the five core values of Tam Sơn: Positive Thinking, Creativity, Excellence, Passion, and Sustainability.

Key faces of Tam Sơn at the event

The five philosophies harmoniously intertwine, symbolizing the unity of the five elements and shaping the distinctive identity of Tam Sơn individuals. Nurtured and enriched by the astute guidance of the Board of Directors, these philosophies comprise eight essential elements: Empathy, Solution-focused, Creative Thinking, Innovation, Result-oriented, Ownership, Purpose-driven, and finally – Sustainable “Me” for a Sustainable “We”.

The eight elements of Tam Sơn’s DNA were uniquely showcased at the event.

It is evident that the enthusiasm of the Tam Sơn community flourished and permeated the two-day event. A plethora of proposed opinions, heartfelt expressions, and mutual confessions facilitated deeper understanding among participants. Notable moments during the workshop included stores sharing their customer-centric experiences—such as the RIMOWA team’s recollections of assisting customers with lost items and Piaget’s ingenuity in customer care. These stores, through thoughtful gestures like personalized cards and delicate gifts, serve as the true “cultural ambassadors” of Tam Sơn to the public.

Listening, sharing, consensus, and bonding together

Furthermore, Ms. Nguyen Thi Nhu Trang, the Logistics Manager, shared her recollections of navigating challenging situations during an event last April in Ho Chi Minh City. She underscored the pivotal role of managers in disseminating corporate culture across our departments. To her, effective management involves timely recognition of each employee’s contribution to collective tasks—akin to acknowledging that every grain of sand matters in the company’s grand processes. During the event, everyone had a voice and was heard. Ultimately, corporate culture thrives on this spirit of sharing and mutual understanding.

Tam Sơn people actively participated in team-building games and activities

The “Decoding Tam Sơn DNA” workshop not only encompassed the main activities but also provided a platform for Tam Sơn community members to socialize and forge connections. Over the course of the two-day event, friendships deepened and new bonds formed. Whether nurturing existing relationships or welcoming new ones, the workshop fostered an atmosphere of warmth and lasting memories.

Moments filled with emotions

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