Openasia Group announced their 2023 Employee Happiness Survey’s results

Recently, the Openasia Group disclosed the level of job satisfaction among Openasia employees based on the 2023 Employee Happiness Survey (EHS).

Openasia Group recently disclosed the results of the 2023 Employee Happiness Survey (EHS). With participation from 1,608 Openasia employees—equivalent to 96% of the workforce—the survey provides valuable insights into employee engagement, job satisfaction, and trends over time.

Alba Huế Team: “We are proud to be Openasia People.”

The survey results indicate a positive trend in overall happiness among Openasia People. The 4% increase in the Happiness Index from 2022 to 2023 is commendable, and the reduction in job stress is equally noteworthy. It’s particularly encouraging that no unit falls below an 80% Happiness Index. These findings indeed reflect a high level of job satisfaction within the organization.

The smiles named Tam Sơn

Aspects of overall Health and Welfare have seen significant improvement compared to 2022, while Organizational Culture – Preservation and Ecological Diversity aspects maintain good results. Additionally, the Satisfaction and Retention indices reaching high levels (98% and 84%, respectively) demonstrate employees’ contentment with their current roles and their commitment to the Group’s future. The reduction in negative feedback related to job stress (from 14.5% to 6%) reflects Openasia’s ongoing dedication to fostering a positive and diverse work environment

Professional development is a priority at Alba Wellness Valley

On the contrary, survey results for aspects like Effective Management, Work-Life Balance, and Community Responsibility tend to decrease. The exploration of new perspectives in Training and Development, Effective Management, and Environmental Protection is a positive step toward addressing these challenges.

Alba Resort’s outstanding overall Happiness Index of 98% underscores their commitment to fostering a positive and joyful work environment for employees.

“We collaborate closely with department heads, actively listening to and addressing employees’ challenges to provide timely solutions. Additionally, we foster stronger interdepartmental cohesion and enhance training and skill development, creating a healthy, positive, and highly effective work environment.” – Representative of the Alba Resort Board of Directors.

Passion and creativity are fundamental values that Openasia People consistently embrace

Openasia Group takes pride in its remarkable achievements and remains dedicated to fostering an exceptional working environment for all Group members. We recognize that employee happiness is a critical factor in our continued growth and success.


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