Love & Passion Day:
Sweet love message from Openasia

On Valentine’s Day, Openasia had interesting and important networking activities with the motto “Spread the Love, Spread the Passion”.

Valentine’s Day is celebrated all across the world. At Openasia, “love” refers to more than just romantic impulses; it also refers to the respect, gratitude, and affection that each Openasia member feels for their coworkers.

Openasia Love & Passion Day at Alba Mineral Water Factory.

That affection is translated into the cohesion of a team in order to promote unlimited passion in the work and we make sure to create the space to share opinions in life.
As a result, the concept was born. All employees in the group eagerly responded to Openasia Love & Passion Day with the motto ‘Spread the Love, Spread the Passion’.

Openasians from across Vietnam participated in Love & Passion Day.

This is also an opportunity for everyone to hear inspiring stories and messages regarding the staff’s dedication in their profession and their outstanding achievements in 2022.

The Free Hug and Thank-You Corner are the two primary activities of Openasia Love & Passion Day. In which representatives from each unit wait at the working buildings’ gates/lobbies or visit each department to greet and hug everyone.

Free Hug on February 14 at Openasia Hanoi Office.

Furthermore, each unit decorates Thank You Corner with heart-shaped memos so that each employee can offer thanks, wishes, love words, and inspirational quotes to colleagues and the organization.

Thank You Corner at Openasia Ho Chi Minh City Office.

Openasia Love & Passion Day 2023 has become an unforgettable memory for every Openasians. With its easy activities, Openasia Love & Passion Day helps everyone understand, get closer and love Openasia as their second home.

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