Openasia Championship 2023 football tournament: Exciting playground lands in Hanoi

On October 21, the Openasia Championship 2023 landed in Hanoi, attracting the participation of many amateur “soccer players” and enthusiastic Openasia fans.

Openasia Championship 2023 is a football tournament that honors the solidarity and sportsmanship of the participating members. Even though they were not professional players, everyone showed their passion for the king sport and their dedication to perfecting their skills in each playing position. Through the tournament, everyone has the opportunity to stand together and make memorable memories during 4 hours in the morning with 5 extremely exciting matches.

Openasia Championship 2023 is organized with the purpose of encouraging love for sports and solidarity among members.

After hours of intense competition, the tournament has found its worthy owner. With their leading performance, TAM SON team excellently won the First Prize; next was team HANOIA (Second Prize) and team PRESS CLUB and team OPENASIA UNITED jointly received the Potential Award.

Team TAM SON won the First Prize thanks to a display of outstanding skills and excellent team spirit. The patience and dedication of each member brought the worthy championship.


Second prize went to HANOIA, the team showed great talent and determination on the field thanks to memorable assists.


Co-receiving the Potential Award were PRESS CLUB and OPENASIA UNITED. The impressive play of the two teams throughout the tournament was finally recognized and rewarded.
In particular, Openasia Championship 2023 also honors outstanding individual achievements, with the title of Top Scorer going to Mr. Nguyen Van Chien of HANOIA team. His outstanding scoring ability has brought him extremely convincing awards.

Even though it has ended, the spirit of fair play, enthusiasm and solidarity of Openasia people throughout the tournament will be a memorable mark and a motivation for us to look forward to the next exciting seasons.

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