Tam Son grows strongly with a series of new brands and many stores

Entering the festive season at the end of 2023, Tam Son Company welcomes a series of new brands and more stores opening, continuing its impressive growth momentum.

The year 2023 witnessed outstanding growth for Tam Son International Company as it continued to maintain its role as a bridge between Vietnamese consumers and the international high-end fashion and lifestyle industry. In October alone, Tam Son consecutively opened 3 new stores in Hanoi of the brands Longchamp, Maison Kitsune and Devialet.

The first store of the Maison Kitsune is located on the busiest Trang Tien street in the Capital, blending French – Japanese style with fine arts and local identity. Inside the store, 4 interconnected spaces with architectural structures of increasing sophistication, divided by wooden walls inspired by Vietnamese handicraft weaving art.

Maison Kitsuné’s unique shopping space recreates a corner of “Paris – Tokyo meeting”; invites Vietnamese fashionistas to visit and shop among the stylish, mischievous “fox cave”. All the latest items from the brand’s Fall – Winter 2023 collection are currently on sale at Maison Kitsuné Trang Tien.

With a futuristic aesthetic and cutting-edge technology, Devialet is an audio brand that straddles the line between innovative technology and luxurious aesthetics. Coming from the land of leading electronic music artists – France – Devialet is a pioneering brand on the journey to raise the level of “music enjoyment” by revolutionizing the unique “listening” experience.
With the first genuine store in Vietnam on Trang Tien street, Devialet’s interior space is impressive with its minimalist, modern interior accented with warm wood and an artistic lighting system. The hexagonal motif inspired by Devialet’s speaker technology is applied throughout from display shelves to seats. In particular, the isolated room “Blue Listening Room” will invite customers to a pure soundscape where Devialet’s remarkable speaker equipment is located.

In addition to the brands that first set foot in Vietnam, in the past year, Tam Son Company also welcomed 6 new luxury and modern stores under the brands Sandro, Maje, acmé de la vie, BOSS, FairLiar and Okaidi Obaibi at Lotte Mall West Lake – a prime location of Tay Ho district.

Gradually becoming a familiar name in Vietnam in the past year with two stores in Ho Chi Minh City, Sandro, the world’s leading fashion brand in the high-end segment, officially opened a new store at Lotte Mall West Lake Hanoi. Coming to Sandro, customers will be immersed in a luxurious shopping space that meets global standards with all the latest designs for both men and women.
Sandro’s “sister”, Maje also marked a year in Vietnam with the brand’s fourth store nationwide. Entering Maje, ladies who love French fashion style will be fascinated by the spacious, elegant Parisian shopping space and the latest designs that adhere to the brand’s youthful and dynamic philosophy.
Fashion brand acmé de la vie from Korea also welcomes a new store at Lotte Tay Ho. The youthful layout and modern, light-filled shopping space highlighting the brand’s latest designs and accessories will certainly attract the hearts of millions of young people.


Continuing the journey of bringing German fashion to Vietnamese consumers, BOSS – a high-end men’s fashion brand under HUGO BOSS – has opened another store meeting international standards at Lotte Mall West Lake Hanoi. The costume display area, the “soul” of the store, is divided into specific themes and separate sections for shoes and accessories. Combined with spacious fitting rooms and intelligently distributed lighting, customers will have a world-class shopping experience.
Fans of 18-hole courses are no longer strangers to FairLiar, a high-end golf fashion brand from Korea. This time, FairLiar brings to Lotte Mall West Lake a luxurious shopping space combining classic features and youthful inspiration, with high-performance fashion items, suitable for both competition and daily activities of ladies.
Fashion brand for children from France, Okaïdi-Obaïbi recently opened a store at Lotte Mall West Lake. The space inside is cleverly arranged to bring the most complete shopping experience for the whole family. Leveraging the diversity of its products, the brand offers a world of color so families can fully experience Okaïdi-Obaïbi’s creativity.

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