“The human body is deeply interconnected, and to me, the hands are the most significant part.”

When I first started working at Openasia or Tam Son and was exposed to several luxury companies, I was perplexed as to why their items were so pricey. Whether it was a purse or apparel, everything seemed to be more expensive than I thought was reasonable. Later, as I traveled further, I discovered, “Oh, there are many handmade values behind those items, and that’s the value of a pair of hands”.

"Oh, there are many handmade values behind those items, and that's the value of a pair of hands"

For me, the pair of hands represents a clear connection between the brain to create a product that touches the hearts of its users and to see it. Furthermore, I also have a personal meaning to this image. When I became CEO three years ago, I had to define basic components (including the vision, mission, core values, etc.) of the company, and while I was working on the core values with my team, I immediately realized that all Openasia‘s ideals are encapsulated within a pair of hands. 

I frequently tell an amusing story to my employees to remind them that “Going to work is like doing energy business.” We go to work and arrive at the workplace joyfully in the morning, but when we encounter an unpleasant boss, a grouchy coworker, or an obstinate employee, we become frustrated. When we got home at the end of the day, our energy was depleted, and our smile was no longer as bright as it had been in the morning. Mothers and wives would sometimes return home and vent their frustrations on their spouses or children. To me, that is a day of labor with a lack of energy. As a result, I established a culture at Openasia: where I work, I have the opportunity to learn and create an environment where energy becomes more beautiful every day. We are only a ray of light, but if we take care of it, that ray of light will shine brilliantly and beautifully.


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